Nefrit by Warchal - Being Discontinued 2021

For Violin

Warchal NEFRIT violin strings provide superior quality for their modest price. Combined metal and synthetic core set - metal core E and A strings, synthetic core D and G strings. Designed for musical instruments that require more intensive bow pressure. They are ideal for electric instruments too.

Warchal Nefrit Violin Strings

Warchal Nefrit Strings

Nefrit Violin Strings

Product No. Note Core Remarks, Winding Materials
100 B set   (Ball End E)
100 L set   (Loop End E)
101 B E Metal Plain Stainless Steel - Ball End
101 L E Metal Plain Stainless Steel - Loop End
102 A Metal Aluminium
103 D Synthetic Aluminium / Aluminium
104 G Synthetic Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel

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